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Kanger ProTank 1 Replacement Coil

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Kanger ProTank 1 Replacement Coil
Price in reward points: 2990
Brand: EgoPuff
Product Code: KangerProCoil1
Reward Points: 299
Availability: In Stock

These coils are for: Kanger Protank, Protank 2, Mini Protank2, Unitank


Just unscrew the old coil and screw the new coil into your Kanger ProTank to get a fresh clean vape. When your e-cig starts to taste a bit "burnt", you may find that you need a new coil With the Kanger ProTank, you can simply buy one of these great little coils and freshen up the works instead of replacingthe entire cartomizer.

This product is one (1) single coil.

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Welcome to Kanger ProTanks

Springtime is Here!

We've got some new stuff in inventory! A new shipment of Protank 2 and Protank 3 glassomizers came in, and we've also got some Protank 2 minis. Protank Ones are getting harder and harder to find - let us know if you want us to keep getting them, otherwise, we'll focus on the II, the 3, Aero and other new cartos. Love is in the air, so now is a great time to shop for your Valentine's Protanks and accessories, and you might as well grab some repair and replacement parts while you're here.


We've got pyrex tank replacements - in color - as well as o-rings, bases, coils.... everything you need to keep your kanger vaping at full capacity. Look around our inventory, and feel free to make a suggestion if there's something you'd like to see in the store! We listen to you. Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions HERE.


KangerProTanks.com is your go-to site for batteries, Kanger cartomizers, replacement parts and coils.